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Shenzhen Amoonsky Technology Co., Ltd. is a led display control scheme professional integration provider, and has a complete R&D, sales and service system to provide our customers with high efficiency, high stability, intelligent LED application products and overall solution. Amoonsky insists on "Customer first, win-win development" to serve our customers. Our principle is "creating value for customers, selling is a start, and service never stop" to make sure our service is always around. Our main products are led video processor, led video splicer, multi-window processor, external sending box, testing card, fiber optical transceiver and a series of led display accessory.

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In order to be better serviceto our customers, ShenzhenAmoonsky Technology Co , Ltd created new website with new designand friendly interface, tomake sure our customers know Amoonsky directly also the latestproduct information, company dynamicsand industry information Official website is the gateway to the company& 39;s information, Amoonsky Technology has always im...

LED Video Processor Function Introduction LED Video Processor Function Introduction

LED video processors is speciallyDesigned for LEDdisplay Itis high-performance image processing and control devices for full color LED displays Generally, it can change the resolution format and color space, as well as image scaling; LED video processor integrates video image processing and high-definition signal processing technology Designing combined with t...

  • LED display black screen
    Phenomenon: LED display power on and have a black screen, LED video processor shows no signal input.

    1). If it is a computer signal input , please check whether if the computer has opened the copy mode. Windows7, Windows8, Windows10 operating system directly press the WINDOWS logo key & “P” on the keyboard at same time to open the copy mode;
    2). Some of VOD machines, TV set-top boxes can not automatically switch the output signal source, you need to set the output interface of these devices for change the output interface .
    3). Check whether if the signal line between the output device and the LED video processor input interface connect correctly, or the cable quality is not good, then change the new signal line try again;

  • LED screen can’t be fully display
    Phenomenon: LED screen can not fully display the image of what input signal source , only display part of the image.

    Solution :
    1). Set the "horizontal size" of the LED video processor as the width of the LED display, and the "vertical height" as the LED display height pixel.
    2). When the input signal is computer signal, you need to set the video processor to "full screen".

  • LED screen can’t be partial display
    Phenomenon: LED screen can only display image of the whole computer desktop, not only part of the image. "partial display" is setting for the LED display computer signal.

    1. Set the video processor to "partial display" .
    2. To set the resolution of the computer output to a little big than or equal to the resolution of the LED screen (sometimes need to set the computer output resolution equal to the video processor output resolution).
    3, When connect VGA input, image offset
    Phenomenon: select the VGA signal input , LED screen display image offset.


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